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Taurus and Aries compatibility love match. Love and Sexual compatibility between Taurus and Aries zodiac signs.
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Neither of these horoscope signs accepts to be controlled by the partner. This situation can bring power struggle in their life. In the area of love, if Aries and Taurus wish to keep their relationship or marriage, they both have to accept and live in compromise. There are some positive sides of their union, as well. Aries adores the sensible and reliable side of Taurus, and Taurus likes the powerful energy that Aries owns. Deep down inside they secretly adore all different traits and capabilities their partner has.

The Most Volatile Combinations in the Zodiac

If they decide to stay together and get married, they will become strong partners for sure. A stable relationship filled with honesty is one of the most important abilities that Aries and Taurus have. When they are together, this ability can give them a very positive attitude and honesty between each other. They both are always on the way to find their true love. Thanks to their sincere communication from the beginning, they will find out what trust really means to both of them and how important is trusting as well.

Aries' behavior in the area of communication is pretty childish. If Taurus wants to communicate well with Aries, they must be direct and straightforward.

Least Compatible Zodiac Signs | List of Most Incompatible Star Signs

Aries prefers direct communication and Taurus is the best reader between lines. It is very easy for Taureans to correctly understand some hidden messages. If Aries wants to start a conversation with Taurus, they need to stop using childish words and start using some fabulous and sweet words.

If they can resolve their differences, then these two horoscope signs can have excellent communication. Finally, we came to the area where Aries and Taurus match very well.

Handle With Care

Despite the fact that they are completely different from each other, their goals are almost the same. Both signs value material security, character, and strength, and have a fear of disappointment. Both Aries and Taurus value a person's ability to be honest and straightforward, and a happy home life with a stable relationship, meaning that these signs will work hard on keeping their partner happy.

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Aries Man Taurus Woman Compatibility

Material comfort and success are also quite important to you, but for different reasons: Taurus wants the security of money in the bank, as well as the comfort it can buy. Leo has an innate sense of grandness and generosity, and likes to be impressive. Differences in the way you use your material resources could become a major issue between you, and since you are both quite inflexible and opinionated, it may be difficult to reach a compromise when you do disagree. Leo can be very loud and melodramatic at times, which upsets Taurus, who wants, above all else, peace and serenity at home.

Both of you derive security from contact with the earth gardening, camping, living in the country , from working with natural materials making bread, using clay, wood-working, using natural fibers or from developing manual skills and practical expertise in some specific area.

Taurus and Aries Compatibility

You are both rather cautious, carefully analyzing or ruminating over a possible change before proceeding. Taurus, in particular, is rather slow to come to a decision and dislikes changes in the personal or domestic sphere, but once a choice is made, will go ahead with equanimity. Virgo, on the other hand, worries, frets, and is very particular and difficult to please at times.

For the most part, however, you are quite compatible. Both of you are very uncomfortable expressing anger and afraid of creating upheaval. For instance, one area that might be a problem is that Libra enjoys and needs a lot more verbal communication than Taurus is inclined to, and Libra may feel unhappy or neglected unless there is a running conversation going on. Also, Taurus is more prosaic and once a relationship is comfortably established, may take it for granted, whereas Libra wants romantic gestures and a certain style or elegance in order to stay interested in the relationship.

These problems certainly do not need to become major ones, but you should acknowledge your differences and confront your problems when they arise. Nor does logic or reason work wonders with either of you, when you decide you want something. Of the two of you, Taurus is the more practical and down to earth. Taurus has a much simpler emotional nature than Scorpio, and is much more easily contented. Scorpio loves intensely, but is also capable of tremendous animosity and hostility if hurt or betrayed.

Scorpio has a very private, secretive side and often hides feelings or withdraws from people as a means of self-protection. Anger, guilt, and jealousy are emotions Scorpio frequently keeps hidden inside. All of this is rather incomprehensible to Taurus, though Taurus does share with Scorpio the tendency to be possessive with a love partner.

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Scorpio also demands much more from a partner in terms of emotional involvement, intimacy, and depth. You have very different, and often conflicting, emotional needs and yearnings.

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Sagittarius is expansive, craves adventure, and wants to be where the energy and action is. Taurus, on the other hand, is very attached to the familiar, and prefers a steady routine, domestic peace and stability. Also, Sagittarius is an idealist with great hopes and plans for the future, while Taurus lives primarily in the present and is more involved with immediate, tangible concerns.

Taurus may feel that Sagittarius lives in an unreal world, ignores the facts at hand, and leaves Taurus to take care of the work and business of day to day life. However, you both have an essentially generous, live-and-let-live attitude which may enable you to overlook the differences between you. Material security and order in your practical affairs is essential to both of you.

You may rely a great deal on money for a sense of emotional well-being, or even substitute material gifts for emotional sharing and affection Capricorn is particularly prone to this. Both of you are dependable and responsible in close relationships, and you appreciate this very much in one another. You harmonize well together, though there are significant differences in your temperaments.


Capricorn seeks to prove personal worth through accomplishment and by achieving success in material terms. Taurus, too, is a practical person, but has a strong pleasure-loving , comfort-loving, easy-going side that borders on laziness at times. Taurus enjoys the things worked for, and can help Capricorn do so, too.

Taurus also expresses affection and sensuality more readily than Capricorn, and can help Capricorn open up in this way. Both of you are stubborn and fixed in your ways and your spontaneous impulses and emotional requirements are frequently at odds with one another.